Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bariatric Betty gets down to business

OK, 1 week into my 90 day medically supervised diet, and I may have lost 1.6 pounds.  I say may, because my weight does tend to fluctuate a pound or so daily, so it might be less (I decided to lose my lowest reading).  The has been pretty easy to use, although unfortunately it doesn't give my "friends" a blow by blow of what I've eaten, it just says how much I've exercised and if my day was over or under my calorie goal.  But, it did let me print out a very detailed report of everything.  So far I've been under each day, but I'm only on day 8 :) 

Yesterday I had my first appointment with my psychologist and the nutritionist for the medically supervised diet.  Both seem to have a good sense of humor - that helps.  I go back to the psychologist for my MMPI eval next Friday (about 600 true or false questions to make sure I'm not crazier than we already know).  I'm going to see the nutritionist in about another month.  Her only suggestion was to keep an eye on my morning carbs with my breakfast - I guess I haven't been superconsistant - somedays I have twenty-something with breakfast and others I have fifty something.  I hadn't realized I was in the twenty-somethings, and as a diabetic that's not good - it can lead to me bottoming out.  Otherwise she thought everything looked good. 

I joined a weight-loss surgery support group on line through facebook, and it has been very positive.  There are people just starting their journey like me, and others are post surgery (and sometimes 10 + years out).  Everyone is very supportive (shocking, I know, for a support-group) and works hard to keep everyone pointed in the right direction.  I also got two books - EAT IT UP on Kindle and Weight Loss Surgery - Finding the Hidden Person Inside of You.  I've gotten through the first two chapters in Eat It Up, mostly because it's easy to access on my Kindle, but the other is written by the moderator of the support group, so I'm looking forward to hearing her advice as well. 

The only thing left to get started on is my trainer/ exercise physiologist.  My husband is hooking me up with someone through work and he's been off the last two days, so it's been delayed. 

I volunteered at my kids' Fall Fest at the elementary school last night.  It was a lot of fun and I was the caller for bingo.  I got to stand behind a podium and had a lot of fun, but it wasn't perfect.  After about 30 minutes of standing I started to "glisten" as my southern friends would call it.  In the midwest we would say "perspire" or just "sweat".  Not doing any work at all, or feeling tired, but just standing up for a half an hour is apparently a small workout for my body.  How sad.  It wasn't the first time I've noticed that, and it's very embarassing.  Sometimes if other's notice I say "oh, pardon me, my diabetes makes me perspire a little extra" or something like that (which isn't a total lie).  But the truth of it is, I just don't want them to realized that holding my weight vertically for a half and hour starts to make me sweaty.  I'm really looking forward to that being over when I lose the weight.  It doesn't even make sense to me - when I walk 40 minutes with the dog I sweat but I'm not even breathing hard when I get home.  My body shouldn't heat up just from standing, but I guess standing while holding 100 in extra weight will do that. 

Not for long...

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