Saturday, April 21, 2012

9 weeks out, Pics, NSVs, and totals

This has been quite a week - I am working 5 days a week as a "monitor" at my son's elementary school.  I work about 2.5 hours a day, and spend the entire time walking (slowly).  That means I no longer struggle to get in 10,000 steps, I usually get in 12,000.  Friday I walked over 18,000!  translation - that's almost 9 miles.  The first day my legs were almost trembling by the end of the day, and I was stiff the next morning.  Now I'm used to it, and doing a little more each weekday.  Weekends I tend to take easy.

I hit a couple milestones this week.  First, I have now lost 30 pounds since surgery, to match the 30 I lost before, for a total of 60 pounds.  The rest were NSVs (non-scale victories).  First I found out that I weigh less than my younger (but taller) brother - and realized that it's probably for the first time in my life.  Then I was telling my husband and found out that I weigh less than him as well!  Then I was thinking about my muscular 11 year old who is almost my height... I could end up weighing about what he does now!  That was weird to think about. 

Next I was trying on an outfit for my son's first communion this weekend and realized it was too big!  And so was the skirt I bought three weeks ago.  So I came up with a new outfit - with my son's approval.  My size 14 pants have started gotten a little looser, but I'm not down another size yet. 

I'm doing much better with eating slowly.  I only have pouch issues about once a week now - and it's usually because I didn't chew something well enough.  Tomato skins continue to be tough to get past the pouch.  I still am not doing any grains, and not much fruits or vegetables - there's not much room in my pouch after protein gets in.  Legumes are an exception - black beans and lentils are frequently on the menu.  I take my supplements daily, and will be having labs at my 3 month appointment to make sure they are doing what they need to do.

After the first communion we had brunch at First Watch.  I ordered an egg and cheese omlette (passed on the potatoes, english muffin, and meat) and ate half of it without trouble.  Yay!  It worked out really well - for the all vegetarians, omnivores, pre-ulcerous, and bariatric patients.  I reccomend it as a bariatric friendly place.

I've been watching the claims that were submitted to my insurance and finding that they have been being paid without too much trouble.  I have an 80/20 plan, so I am responsible for 20% of the approved cost of any treatment/ labs/ hospital stay.  So far, it looks like the estimate of $3000 out of pocket I was given looks fairly on target.  I paid that $3000 in advance, so I'm hoping I might get a small amount back... we'll see. 

I got a lot of complements from people at the church today.  Most of them were lovely, and all were intended that way.  There was one woman who said "Oh my goodness, you look BEAUTIFUL.  Really.  I really think you look BEAUTIFUL!" that had that slight tone of surprise in it that many WLS patients know so well.  Well, she meant it as a complement, so I'm taking it that way.  And I have the two outfits that were too big for today to help me smile for the camera.

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