Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bariatric Betty gets sucker-punched

So a week after I went to the info session I was excited and cautiously starting to tell close friends and family.  Most were very supportive, others meant to be supportive but were frustrating i.e.:  "Are you going to be seeing a psychologist to address your real issues?"  Thanks.  Yes, I already see a therapist and will be consulting with a psychologist throughout this whole situation.  And how are YOUR issues being addressed?  OK, I didn't say the last part but I thought it. 

Then I got a call back from the bariatric center's financial counselor who dropped the bomb.  The cost of the surgery is $40,000.  What?  What happened to 20-30 K?  Nope, it's $40,000.  And that doesn't include the surgeon or anesthesiology.  So it could be 50 or 60K.  WTF?  I felt betrayed, duped, and ticked. 

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